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Friday, August 27, 2010

Nature in Minot

Kindergarten Orientation/First Day of School

That is right people...we have a big girl on our hands!
Can't believe our first baby is going to school now

Kindergarten Orientation:

Abby in front of her classroom

Abby at her desk!

First day of school! August 26th, 2010

Walking to school


Walking home from School!

Abby is loving school. She is already making a lot of new friends. The night before school started, she actually met a little girl at the park, and they two of them figured out they were in the same class. They have been inseperable since then. Kindergarten is way more intense then it used to be! She goes for a full day from 9-3:15pm. They have no nap/rest time. They have recess and lunch in the cafeteria with all of the other grades. They do P.E., music, and library time. She is such a big girl!

Our beautiful girls