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Sunday, February 24, 2008

1st Jeep ride of the season!

It has been soooo warm here in Texas! Today(tuesday) we actually hit 90 degrees! So before Geoff left we spent the weekend driving around in the jeep as a family. It was Jordyn's 1st time ever being in the jeep, and Abby's 1st time in about a year. Jordyn absolutly loves it! I dont know if its a combonation of the wind or seeing all around, but she was in the back sqealing with delight! Abby decided she no longer likes the wind. She used to be just as happy as Jordyn, but anytime the Jeep was going faster than about 30mph, she would get mad at the wind the first few minutes, then forget about it. We had a great time as a family though.

Jordyn's Turn

Stirrin things up

Sleeeeeepy girl

he makes me laugh

waitin for my food....

Jordyn "crawling"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Big girl Abby!

So Abby has been practicing riding her bike. She just wasn't getting it, until 2 or 3 days ago Geoff took her outside and started saying "left, right, left, right" as she pedaled. Something about him saying that made it click for her, and now she gets it! So we have been trying to take her out once a day to practice for a few minutes. These videos/pix are from this morning. The 2nd video even shows her going uphill!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Date with Daddy

Saturday Geoff and Abby got to get all dressed up to attend the "Date with Dad" Dance at church. They had alot of fun including dancing and eating lots of candy!
Abby and her new friend

Shakin what her mama gave her!

Abby not happy on the way home

Abby's Valentine's photos

Jordy's Valentine's pictures