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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sorry for the long wait for an update we haven't update the blog in a while, but things haven't been normal lately. Stacy is being a fantastic mom by managing the house and girls all by herself while Geoff is off in Florida studying even more about computers for the Air Force. The family will be doing better once Geoff gets back in a couple weeks.

The girls have been keeping busy with friends and each other. They enjoyed a fun Easter in the backyard with bunches of things to do, including the fun of searching for eggs. Stacy has been taking them to SeaWorld lately to enjoy the kids area and see a few shows here and there (It'll be more fun there when geoff gets back).

Jordyn is going crazy, she has decided that moving on her hands and knees is a great way to get around and that standing while holding on to things can be a lot of fun too. She loves the water too and can't get enough of it. She is so cute and doing very well but growing up..

Abby is great and very busy all day, in fact she has more energy than a 6-pack of red bull. She is doing great and and enjoying her new room...Stacy redesigned her room into a tinkerbell room (sorry no pics) which is perfect for the little princess.

Sorry again for not updating sooner, but it will be better. Enjoy the pics.

Jordyn and mommy playing at home

Abby and Mommy being cute

Jordyn posing with Mommy and her new hairdo

Abby playing in her swimsuit for Easter

Jordyn in her cute Easter dress

Abby and Jordyn posing for Easter pictures....YAY

Jordyn is getting really good at standing on her little legs

Abby finally learned about being a cowgirl in Texas

Such a beautiful picture little swimmer

Jordyn was practicing some more on her standing

Abby loves her pool....who needs water come on

You'd think that was drool, but Jordyn loves water and playing in the water table

Isn't she cute?