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Saturday, September 27, 2008

New movie playdate!

Daddy brought home the new Barbie movie that her and her friend Peyton have been wanting to watch together, so Peyton came over and they had a little movie date....

Playin on the new swing set...

Their best hugging picture....

The girls with their new bff neckaces!

Yay for new barbie bff movie!

Zoning out watchin their movie

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Random August Moments...

For some reason we got really behind on keeping the blog updated, so this post along with the next few are some photos from the last couple of months...Hopefully I can keep up the next few months with all of the fun stuff we have coming up like fall activities, abby's b-day, Thanksgiving, and of course...CHRISTMAS!!!! Here are just some random photos that were from last month....
Abby doing the WiiFit...she is pretty good and beat Daddy in some of the events!

Playing with a ton of bath foam...huge mess!

Jordy has decided to follow in her sissy's become...the next CRAZY HAIRED BABY

Going to Toys R Us with the Gamma

Jordy loved her some Gamma

The girls lovin on the puppies

Abby meets...Giant headed Strawberrry Shortcake....
Funshine Bear
and Dora!
Abby putting on a Concert...
Run Abby Run

Baking with Abby and Peyton

Abby and her BFF Peyton got to have a baking playdate with edible playdough. They had a ton of fun making a huge mess!