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Monday, April 28, 2008

Over the weekend.....

Sorry for not posting a whole lot lately...we have been having lots of fun doing family things. This past week, we went to Sea World yet again, and also the Splash Pad at Ft. Sam Houston. Abby is finally not freaking out when water falls in her face, and was actually playing in the sprinklers! Jordyn is sooo close to walking. She is getting into everything and is completely fearless when it comes to everything!

Jordyn checkin out the SeaLions.

Abby workin the bug eyes!

Tanner, Cassie and Abby going on a ride!

Spider crawl!


Abby got to wear daddy's shirt home.

My friend Angela wanted to see me with strait hair..especially SHORT strait hair...for the first time in my life! So here it is.......

....we wanted to see what Abby would look like too!.....

She looks sooooo much older! It was back to curly the next day hehe

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Sacramento in May!

Okay so most of you know that we are heading to Sacramento Mid May. We will be arriving May 14th, in the morning, and staying for one week, til the 21st. Right now we are putting together Evites for Jordyn's Party, which will be on May 17th at Grandma Betty's house, probably around 3 or 4pm. We are very excited to see you all!!! Some of you have been asking what to get the little miracle girl for her birthday, so we have put together a list of stuff we think she would like, smaller and larger items as people in both California and here in Texas were asking about it.

Toys R us or Babies R US gift cards for her new Toddler carseat

Step2 Tag-Along Trailer Plus(Grandma Kathy got her the wagon that this goes to :)

Fisher-Price Fun 2 Imagine Shopping Cart (or any stable shopping cart because she looooooves to push stuff!)

Sit-to-Stand Pink Activity Walker

Disney Princess Toy box

Princess Take and Toss 19-Piece Variety Bag (to lovingly hold the food she loves so much)

Step 2 Doorway Playhouse

Pretty much anything that has doors she can open and close or things she can take in and out of things is what she really likes right now...She loves anything, especially toys she can steal from Abby. We all can not wait to see everyone.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Daddy is home!!!

Geoff got home Friday night, so I kept Abby up because she was just too excited to not see him. Saturday we spent the whole day at SeaWorld, and then Sunday we went to church, lunch, and then spent the day at home working on the yard and such.

Jordyn's Spider crawl

Landon doing his Rockstar pose!

Abby having a staring contest with the birds

Free Ride

Lunch time

Found out...Jordyn loves ribs!
Angela getting ready to spray the boys

Argh! they have victory!

Abby with the Happy Birthday Penguins


Oh...more of Jordyn and her ribs...

The girls crashed after a loooong fun day!

Keeping Busy...its almost over!

Pics from before Daddy got home....
Playing at the park...mommy playing with camera settings...
This is what we did every week to pass time...Go to SEAWORLD!!!

It was very randomly cold one week...

Feeding fishies