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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Water Water everywhere your gonna get WET!

Okay so I lied...its not spring its SUMMER here...April hit and BAMM its almost 100 degrees already... We are spending as much time as possible at the neighborhood pool, Seaworld, and the YMCA water park!

Such a big girl swims underwater!

This is Jordy's CHEESE FACE


Happy Birthday Jordyn!

We can't believe our last baby is almost 2 already! She has become quite the little stinker too! Her smile just has this way of lighting up a room. She is the sweetest little snuggle bug ever! Her days consist of copying every single thing her big sister does! Her 2nd Birthday party is this coming weekend! She is having a BUBBLE party to celebrate with all her friends here in Texas! We love you baby girl so much and thank God for you every day!!!

And just in case you needed a reminder that God exists, and that Miracles do happen....

...Our little Miracle baby at not even a day old....she had a rough start, but even then she was still covered with The Fingerprints of God....

Happy Spring!

Its spring here in South Texas which means Hot and more HOTTTTTT!!! We have been going to the pool for a couple of months already because of the heat....

Abby and her Strawberry Shortcake seeds

Family Visits

As promised, here are some photos from our visit with Grandma, Aunt Laurie and Aunt Carolyn! We had so much fun with them here and the girls had so much fun as well!

sing a long song with Grandma!

Sitting around, knitting us scarves for Minot! hahaha

Grandma and Daddy are pooped!


We went to Sea World, and we went to the Sesame street show...and this is the reaction we got from Jordy....

oh gosh it was soo cute!!! She just couldn't believe it was actually him!!!

everyone minus grandma goin on the log ride!

Grandma and her Shamu kids meal

on the boatride at the Riverwalk

Eating on the River

Grandma is so proud of him!