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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jordyn's Turn!

At my 2nd set of sessions at the barn...I was in the middle of a shoot, when I look behind me...and see this....
...My teeny tiny 18 month old daugther riding a fullsize horse!
She loved it so much! She didn't want to get off!

Polar Express Train Ride!

Okay so we didn't really get to ride the Real Polar Express...that woulda been awesome...but we did go to Austin, Texas to the North Pole Flyer train. It was suprisingly a freezing cold night...and we had to drive quite a while to get there. The kids all had fun, we just wish it didn't end so late. We ended up not getting home til after 11pm at night!!! Next time we will probably do the earlier train, as well as try to get a private area so its not so cramped.

Self Portrait
Stacy and Angela (for some reason, I look alot like Tracy in this pic??)

Christmas Love

Okay so Jordy wanted nothing to do with Daddy this night, and only wanted mama, so Daddy got camera Duty....

....because this is what happened when she went to daddy....

Angela and Stacy with the train Conductor (he was the closest thing to Tom Hanks we could find there!)

More Christmas Love

The whole gang...dang we were squished in there!

Here comes Santa!!!

Jordyn not happy about the big guy comin....

we all got hot cocoa

More of mama and Jordy


Mrs. Claus brought us cookies!

haha...the best family shot of the night...its so special

Random funny picture of Geoff "picking" Stacy's Nose...he is really diggin!

More Christmas Photos of the Girls

They are so stinkin Cute!!!

Cutest little Elf Ever!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sing along song with Abby

So cute! She has been practicing so hard on getting the words right to all her Christmas songs...

Jingle Bells....

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer