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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Decorating the new Christmas Tree

Jordy putting an ornament on

Abby putting ornaments on

Jordy just wanted to sit at the box and play with them

And then, she dissappeared while we finished putting the ornaments on..we dont look at her for about 30 seconds...and then we find this...

...yeah she unrolled 3 rolls of wrapping paper
and then looked so innocently at us "I didn't do it"

Camping with Daddy

We want to start going camping next summer, so we wanted to "practice" with Abby, so her and Daddy headed to the backyard for a fun campout. We had a campfire of course!

mmmm. smores

Roasting her mallow
Watchin a movie and having popcorn

time for sleep...go away mommy!

Random Cold Day...

So every now and the "winter" time here, we actually get a cold day. By cold, I mean...60 degrees...hehe, yeah thats chilly for here. The girls LOOOOOVE putting on their hats, gloves and scarves because its so rare they get to. Abby loves to be my little model anytime she puts on a cute outfit....

She's got the "boots wit da furrrrr"

Jordyn is finally learning the modeling ways of her sister...

She does this kinda stuff all on her own...

Such a ham...


She is serious about lookin good...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

CHRISTmas Picture Kick Off!

Here are the 1st of many many Christmas pictures to come for the next month and a half! My little models (especially Abby) were super excited to start taking them!

She is sooooo silly!

I think she is just about ready for big time modeling, what do you think?

Work it Abby, work it!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Abby's first Horse riding....

This month I am doing some group sessions for another military family, with their horse! We all went upto the barn today to check out the scenery and figure out the lighting and such. They have a little girl about Abby's age, and they became horse buddies right away (the have met a few times). They offered to let Abby ride, and yes, she rode! She rode 2 horses each twice...she didn't want to get off! They actually said we are welcome to come up anytime to ride, so we will be taking them up on that!

They will be getting married some day...