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Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Day at the Beach...

Yes you heard right...we went to the beach this February. I know its so dumb that the weather was actually warm enough for this, but it was. We had a few days of it pushing the 90s here, so we decided to take advantage (even though the next day the high was like 55). We just went for the day and had a great time. The girls and Roxy got to run around in the big empty beach, meet a professional Sand Castle builder, and have some ice cream! Yes of course I took a ton of is the first batch...there will probably be more when I empty my other camera :)
Abby my model.....

yeah she did this all on her own...

Ice cream!!!!

Poor Jordy fell on the pavement and hit the back of her head :(

I am sure you will all agree when I say I am getting a huge print of this one made for the house!


These dumb birds would not leave us alone...even before we had food

Jordy having a Baywatch moment...

playing so good together!

These following photos we will label as "Abby's time out"

She had a few moments of bad attitude so we gave her the option of some time to change it

And this the next coppertone baby....

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our little Valentine's

Here are the latest photos of our little princess'. As you can tell, Jordy was not happy about prancing around in the tutu, but she still worked it very well. Abby as usual was more than happy to be my little model!


Happy Valentine's Day Everyone! We hope your day...and every other day is full of Love and Laughter, we know ours are!!!

Our little Gymnast!

Abby has been doing really good with her gymastics, and so we really wanted to capture some photos of her first sport she started. She has been doing gymnastics for right about a year now. If anyone wants me to order them copies of these photos, let me know.