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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Abby's "Back to School" Photos

I will bring a stack of 5x7's and wallets of these when we come home for Christmas for everyone to go through and pick out.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Check out Abby!

A few updates!

Alright, I realized I have not done a post in a while with just updates and no here goes....

Abby started school 2 weeks ago and loves it. She can not wait to just get there. Mommy and Jordyn walk Abby to school everyday (her school is about 5 blocks away, which is awesome!) Her teacher is really nice and seems great with all the kids. Other news with Abby....we were at a Dr.s appt for Jordyn, and their pediatrician kept looking at Abby. Finally he went over and was examining her eyes really closely. He asked us if we have ever had her eyes really checked. We found out she has Amblyopia, aka, "lazy eye". We had sort of noticed it before, but thought she was just tired and such at the time. If this were to go untreated, she would eventually lose all sight in that eye. We actually have an appointment for her with a specialist in town tomorrow afternoon, to figure out what we need to do. We are very thankful this was caught, because who knows how bad it could have gotten before we found out. We are also pretty sure this is what has been causing all her headaches, which she gets at the end of the day, basically her eyes are exhausted and just need a break.

Jordyn and Mommy and getting to spend A LOT of time together. As tiring as she can be, most of the time I enjoy getting the one on one time with her. I am hearing her talk a lot more, and seeing a different side to her, not being "little sissy". There is still a chance she will get into the PreSchool that is on base for kids with speech delays and such, she has an evaluation next week to see. We are also awaiting to hear about when we will go see a developmental specialist team, probably in Omaha, NE with her. Sometimes we think she is totally catching up and where she should be, but then there are times that we are the fact that she still just does not grasp her colors, numbers, abc's, and shapes....

Geoff and I are soooo excited to come home for Thanksgiving AND Christmas! Seriously...we are counting down the days. We have never had more than 2 weeks with our family and friends, so this is so exciting to us. Its going to be a long 2 day drive, but it will be very much worth it.
Geoff just finished testing out his 2nd hearing aid, which yet again, did not work for him. Most likely he will be looking into getting the surgery to get his bone anchored hearing aid....this is his best chance of being able to hear and tell directionality.
I (Stacy) have been trying to keep busy, especially when Abby is at school. Jordyn and I go to lots of play dates with friends. We also start back up MOPS this week, which is always fun times. My photography is still doing great here..Minot is treating me well. I have finally made some really good friends here...but now one of them is leaving in about 2 months which I am really sad about....the life of a military wife :(

Okay that is it for now...will try to continue to be better about updating!