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Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 | P52 | Working things out


This week we are....
working things out.

Some days we love each other....
other days
....not so much.

About 30 minutes after this photo while getting ready for bed they wanted to kill each other.  Sisters.
Their emotions are everywhere these days and I know it is only going to get worse the older they get.

Friday, May 18, 2012

2012 | P52 | Getting older

P52 | Twenty

This week we are...
Getting older!

It's so hard to believe that this little peanut turned 5 this week!

Enjoy the many faces of Jordy!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

2012 | P52 | Blooming


This week we are....

Every time I look at her
I see my first baby
and how she is growing up so fast
It seems like just yesterday I was holding all four pounds of her

Abby totally needed some blog love, so I decided this week needed to be all about my first born.
I can not get over how beautiful this girl is, inside and out.
She brings so much joy and love into our home.
The last couple of months she has started to seem so grown up to us.
She does so much more on her own and we are having a hard time giving her the independence she needs to discover who she is and who she wants to be.

With that, she is so much like her Mama:
She aims to please and to be the best.  She is competitive but still a good sport when she loses.
She does everything she can to make others feel included, wanted, and needed.
She has an amazing thirst to learn, and to learn quickly and as much as possible.
She is the teachers pet...the one asking for extra work because she finished her assignment before anyone else even got started.  
She gets bored easily because she wants to always be doing something.  
She will be outside if its possible. Cold, rain, hot, snow, warm....doesn't matter.
She is quiet and shy at times, but other times she couldn't be quiet to save her life.
She loves science. 
She loves the ocean...or any water for that matter.
She is totally scared to try new things, but still pushes herself to do it anyways.
I swear, this girl...she is my MINI ME!

Friday, May 4, 2012

2012 | P52 | Anticipating


This week we are.....

This week, Geoff came home with this.  Our EQUALS list.  The list that tells us all of the possibilities of where we are moving to in 15 months or less.  We were a little sad that some of the bases we were hoping for were no longer on our list of choices (Alaska, and 2 other Colorado bases).  But, we can't really complain, considering most of our friends that are stationed here with us, pretty much have a choice of 3-5 bases.  Geoff's job definitely has a good variety of places we can go...pretty much any area of the US, and quite a few places overseas.  For those wondering, our first choice is Buckley AFB in CO.  We have always loved the idea of going to Colorado because it seems like the type of area we would love.  Outdoors, mountains, snow, views, etc.    Our 2nd choice as of right now is actually to go back to Hawaii.  When we lived there 7 years ago, we never really got to enjoy the full experience of living in Hawaii.  We were newlyweds, brand new to the AF, and flat broke.  We totally took advantage of all the free stuff their is to do (hiking, surfing, going to the beach...a lot) but there is so much more.  Hawaii has an amazing SPACE A terminal (free military flights) and the only time we could take advantage of that was to go home (7-10 flights to Travis AFB per week so we went home a couple of times a year) even though there is flights pretty much all over the world that go in and out of Hawaii.  But, we just couldn't afford lodging anywhere.  On top of that, when we visited HI in Dec 2010, the girls just couldn't get enough of it.  They totally loved it.  We had a family meeting and discussed all of the different bases and what they have to offer, and all 4 of us had Hawaii and Colorado in our top 3 :)