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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back To School 2012

For being a photographer, I am pretty bad sometimes about taking photos of my family and our daily life.  I realize that sometimes I go weeks without touching my camera unless it's for a session.  My family is way more important than my business and I need to remember to capture the everyday stuff that makes us who we are.  So I had the idea to capture "back to school" for almost 24 hours.  Starting with getting ready for bed the night before school started, until after they came home from school.  It was fun, but also kinda stressful remember to make sure I got photos of everything, LOL.  Anyways...taking more photos of our everyday life is something I want to work on more.

Bath time feeties!

reading time

Story time with daddy 

Sleepy Diva 

Love these little chicken legs!

confetti from Abby's teacher. Supposed to help not make them nervous or something?

In bed before 7!


A couple of months ago, I started teaching my little curly haired girl how to do her hair.
My mom wasn't really able to help me in this I get my curly fro from my Dad.
I am hoping Abby understands it's a blessing to have a mom who went through a horrible awkward time in Jr high thanks to my crazy hair.  We are hoping to prevent this with my knowledge!

Love THIS.

Walking to school!
Last year we walked home from school as much as possible with the weather.
This year it will be even better since both girls go to the same school now.
We live about a 15 minute walk from the school.

She is so stinkin tiny still!

Mommy made a special treat for the girls before they got home from school.

They were slightly excited.