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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Here she is...WALKING!

Here are a couple videos of Jordyn from the trip. These were from the day after she first walked. She is sooo proud of herself and so excited that she is doing it!


Friday, May 23, 2008

Jordyn's 1st Birthday Cali style

Thats right, she got cake yet again for her other 1st birthday back in California. We all had a blast being around tons of family and friends for a week. The kids all got to swim and play while we all baked in the heat...And of course Geoff got cake in his face...BUT not in his ear this time no...thats been done...had to pic a new orfice for it to go into, so he decided to keep his eyes wide open while the cake was comin at him. Needless to say, Geoff was temporary blind for about 5 minutes. haha...will he ever learn?
Birthday Girl

And she is off....

playin with Liz

Gracie pretending like I am not taking her picture

Grandma Kathi's head, Jenny, Amber's head, Anton, and Mandy

Jordyn's hair starting to look more and more like mommy and sissy!
Water bombing Glenda

Jordyn's Cake

Loving everyone singing to her

Cakey girl

Family pic
Gettin mama
very sweet kisses!
mommy and daddy are so immature

waiting for cake...
Jordyn and Jenny

present time...hey where is Jordyn
Jordyn with Grandpa Brad and her new baby

Jordyn and Aunt Carolyn