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Monday, February 27, 2012

Relaxing snow weekend :)

We are still adjusting to Daddy being home around here again.  We have had him home for a full week!  We had a super busy first week filled with appointments and wrestling practices, followed by an amazing relaxing weekend.  After being so busy all week we decided we would just stay home all relax, play and snuggle.  We couldn't have picked a more perfect weekend as a storm hit us Saturday evening, forcing us to stay home (we love these kind of storms!).  I must admit, this past weekend, just being together, was one of the best weekends I can recall.  We are always so busy (which we also love) doing all sorts of different things, with a goal of creating wonderful memories for our girls, that it's nice to slow down and create these types of memories for the girls as well.  I will leave you with some photos from this we prepare to go back to a busy week of school, cleaning up from the lazy weekend, appointments, and practices!

This was a photo of our front yard less than 12 hours before the storm hit, as you can see, almost no snow!

This was about an hour after it started

And this is what we woke up to...

Where is Daddy?!!?!?

Abby getting pelted by the snowblower...she loves this!

Kota getting some pulling practice in

Poor Holly...she still doesn't know she is a husky.  She just wants to play.  She hates pulling, she doesn't really care for the snow, she loves curling up and snuggling, and she really has no desire to run off like Kota does.

This was about 3 minutes before they realized they could run slightly faster than I could and took off...with Abby.  Once we realized they were running off and not listening to us to stop, Geoff ran behind them (he was running slightly faster than them, slowly catching up) After being chased for a bit, Abby fell off (she was fine, they were not going FAST, they just had the advantage of the snow, which was a disadvantage for Geoff).  I can't imagine what all the people thought who were out snow blowing, as a dog sled ran past them (with no rider).  LOL.

Friday, February 24, 2012

2012 | P52 | Together

P52 | Eight

This week we are....

Here is a very rare photo that includes both Daddy AND Mommy!

As most of you know, Geoff got home very late Sunday night and things have been crazy busy since then.
He had a few days off work, and then the current class graduated, so now they have some down days for a few days, which means lots more flexibility.  We got to have a very rare "day date".  With Geoff working 
M-F, 7am-??? pretty much every week, it is very rare just the two of us have a weekday together with out the kiddos.  So we took advantage.  And by taking advantage I mean, we ran errands with out kids, LOL.  There isn't much else to do in Minot in the middle of weekday (no movies ever even play before 4pm most of the time) so we enjoyed lunch together and running errands :)  We'll take what we can get!

Friday, February 17, 2012

2012 | P52 | Waiting

P52 | Seven

This week we are...

As of about an hour ago, Daddy is on his way home!  He won't be home until Monday, but he is on his way and we couldn't be more happy. 

This past week has been another hectic one.  Our number one goal right now is just to stay busy.  So again, with shooting 3 sessions this week, I had no time to take "real photos" of our life, so iPhone photos will have to do.

We found out yesterday that Geoff was awarded the Levitow award at the NCO Academy.  This is the highest award that can be given at pretty much any type of class/training they have to take in the AF.  When he left, I made a deal with him, if won ANY of the 4 awards at all (out of 125 students), I would get him the Keurig (that he could have had at Christmas if he didn't say a bunch of stuff that made me not get it for him!) he wanted.  So, here it is...waiting for him!

The main thing we did this week to keep busy was we started wrestling.  In town there is this amazing wrestling club that is 100% FREE for all ages.  This is an amazing club, and we are loving it so far. The girls love their coach.  He isn't about being hardcore and winning...he is about them trying their best and having FUN.  And he makes it fun for them.  We went 3 nights this week and the girls LOVED it...especially Jordyn.  Me and some of my friends that go to were laughing so hard at the fact that she just has this huge smile on her face (or laughing) the ENTIRE time!  I think we may have found the PERFECT sport for our little crazy girl.

I don't have any photos of Abby yet at wrestling because she always is near the back and I can barely see her.  At some point I will bring my camera and get some good shots...but for now, enjoy these hilarious ones of Jordyn.

P.S.  I LOVE that my girls want to try out every single sport...even the ones that at one point, were only for boys.

Friday, February 10, 2012

2012 | P52 | Celebrating

P52 | Six

This week we are.....


This has been quite the eventful week for us here in Minot.  On February 6th, I celebrated my birthday with two new little ones!  One of my closest friends delivered her beautiful twins on my Birthday!  I am very blessed to share such a special day with them.  Thank you Chelsea for letting me come meet and snuggle them on my birthday!  

I think the only time I even picked up my camera this week was to take some hospital photos of the babies, and to shoot a session or, my iPhone photos it is this week!

1.  Me and Chelsea just a couple hours after the babies were born
2. Me and the babies!
3. My yummy giant cuppycake made by auntie and the girls
4. Me and the birthday babies!  I like to think we have a special bond now.
5. Jonah and Joelle snuggling
6. Abby holding Joelle
7. Abby holding Jonah
8. Me and Jarvis (my little boyfriend) having suckers we picked out from the gift shop.
9. Random photo of Jordyn took of herself on my phone :)

Friday, February 3, 2012

2012 | P52 | Playing

P52 | Five

This week we are....

Trying to keep busy.  That is what our days look like right now.  This week involved snow play for a few days until it all melted...again.  Some crafts, some games...more playing.  We are well over half way done with Geoff's TDY, and just ready for him to be home.  This was also our last week with Aunt Carolyn here as she is leaving this coming Tuesday :(