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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Why is this girl not a model yet???

We got Abby this new dress the other day...So I ask Abby to go outside so I can get a couple of pictures of her...and well just check her out!!!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Newest Member of our Family!

We would like to introduce (insert name here). That is right we have not quite come up with a name yet. In the tradition of Roxy, our surfer girl puppy, we would like to continue with the theme and name her similar. If you look to the left, there is a new poll...please help us name her!!! We all like different ones.
Its a girl and she is such a sweetheart. The girls love her...and Roxy is getting used to her still.

Her story:
Stacy has been walking with the girls ( and Angela!) bright and early every morning lately. A few days ago 2 puppies followed her home and she fed them, gave them water, and put them in the backyard to take to the vet clinic to get scanned for microchips (Angela was not with me this day...). After a few minutes, she went out to check on them and they were both being this puppy. she was walking (with Angela) yet again ( yes people, she is very dedicated!) and she stumbles across a pack of 7 puppies!!! There she was again...this sweet little face. Well we decided to keep her because she was just so cute, and the rest got taken to an adoption center. So Stacy (and Angela) took her to the vet and she was scanned and she doesn't have a chip, which we figured since she was running with a big pack. They said she is about 3 months old, and a mix of possibly pug/chiuahua/lab???? She looks like a minature chocolate lab, so its anyones guess...

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The cutest little fishy in the world!

Abby is now almost swimming on her own. If she is in the big pool, she still uses floaties...but she will jump in and out by herself now. If she is in the little pool, she swims around like a little fish. She totally understands and gets how to swim, she just needs to learn how to tread now, so she is able to come up for air in the big pool, so we are workin on that...Here are some of her spectacular aquatic tricks!

Showing everyone how she swims underwater like a fishy!

Abby is getting so brave! Watch this next video of how she just jumps in the big pool...swims to the ladder...climbs back out and repeats.....

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dolphin chatting!

The best part of The Texas state Aquarium is the dolphin underwater viewing room. Its a huge room where an entire wall is just glass and you can see into the dolphin's tank. I think it was Abby's favorite part of the entire trip (yay for another dolphin lovin girl!) As you will see in the videos, she spent some time doing some dolphin talk, as well as teaching them ABC's. I couldn't decide on which ones to put up, so I just did them all, because they are sooo stinkin' cute!

Beach Vids

Here are a few videos from our beach trip....

Abby surfin'

Jordy's turn now...

So Happy at the beach!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beach Trip! are about to enter MAJOR picture zone!!! I finally had the time to sit and upload some of our beach picture trips. We had a blast! We stayed in Corpus Christi, TX, which is about a 2 hour drive from San Antonio. Most of our trip we spent in Port Aransas, a very cute little family oriented beach town about 25 minutesa way. The girls absoutly loved the beach! We found some great beaches that were very quiet and relaxing. It was Jordyn's first time to the beach, and she acted like a pro! As soon as she hit the sand, she took of running! We didn't even get a chance to get her swimsuit on until after the excitement of it all wore off a little.
Abby in front of the Giant sand castle shop!

Catching a ride at the aqurium

Catching another ride on mama, while daddy and sister ride a carosel!

Us getting eatin by a shark!

Abby the Octopus

Being silly at the hotel

They loved playing on the mommy and daddys' bed

Watching the Dolphins at the are about to be impressed with some awesome pix here guys!.......

Told ya!!!

Our Favorite picture of the whole trip!

Abby's new friend

Mommy and Abby on the go-carts!

Daddy's going on the fast ones! cute is this!?!?!?

Okay...beach pix time...and be warned there are alot...I got to play with my fancy lens!

Why isn't Abby signed up for modeling???

Surfin baby
Family shot

Abby having a baywatch moment hehe

Daddy's special trick he does with his babies

Chasing some nasty bird

First time!!!!
Holding her back hahaha
Our little ham!
Flying a kite!

is she freakin cute or what!?!?!?
Okay...really...I could do more...but this already has taken me like an hour to put Maybe I will do another post with more pix later...but we do have some videos of the the girls so we will be uploading those here next....stay tuned