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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Because I suck at being pregnant....

We all know that.  I do not like being pregnant, and being pregnant does not like me.  I never have and never will, mostly because of all the ridiculous complications I have every single time.  This pregnancy is proving to be no better than the others, possibly even worse.

The purpose of this post is to give our family and close friends an update on what is going on.  I will try to explain stuff in the least graphic way possible,  If you think you might not want to read certain things about pregnancy complications, then you need to just stop reading this and go back to playing Angry Birds or pinning random stuff on Pinterest.

This pregnancy started off normal for the first few weeks.  But then right around 7 weeks I started having some spotting off and on.  With my history of losses, of course I right away thought the worst.  As annoying as it was, it was reassuring that through this all I feel miserably sick all day, everyday.  Eventually, right around 9 weeks we were able to find the baby's heartbeat on our home doppler.  It was a beautiful 180bpm.  Then we made it to my first dr appt at around 10 weeks, when we got to see the baby via ultrasound and were reassured that everything was going well.  This whole time, still having spotting off and on.

However, Friday morning (almost 13 weeks), I randomly woke up at 4am with very heavy bleeding.  Much more than I have had before.  Right away I pulled out my home doppler and found the baby's heartbeat, again beating away nice and strong.  Finally when my OB's office opened at 8am I was able to speak with a nurse and after explaining everything from the last few hours, her and my dr agreed I needed to go and get an ultrasound, but my appt was not until 3:30.    Of course, because it was at the end of the day, I was warned that I would not hear any results until sometime after Monday.  UGH.  The ultrasound looked good from what we saw. Baby was moving like crazy and had an awesome heartbeat as usual.  We assumed nothing serious was going on since they let me leave (my nurse told me if they let me leave without calling my dr, that it's a good sign and probably nothing serious).  We left feeling a little more reassured everything was okay.

That is, until this morning, I started bleeding pretty heavy again, and now having mild to moderate cramping off and on.  The cramping was really starting to worry me.  Finally, I decided to call the "on call OB".  I was expecting him to say "If you are worried, come to the ER, whatever".  But I really lucked out and spoke with a very nice doctor who was willing to explain everything to me and answer every question.  Right away he found my ultrasound and started looking it over and gave me the results right then and there.  He said that the baby looked awesome and healthy.  But, he did find a couple of problems that were causing the bleeding.  First he said I have a Subchorionic Hemorrhage (you can click the link to read exactly what it is) as well as a Partial Placenta Previa.  While waiting around all day for my Ultrasound, I did a lot of research and figured out it was probably one of these two conditions causing the bleeding, but I was a little freaked out when he told me I have both.  Both of these conditions are usually not harmful to the baby at all, and usually both sort of "fix" themselves over time.  I love that he took the time to explain everything to me and told me what will happen over the next few days and what I needed to do.  He told me I need to be on pretty strict bed rest, and that will hopefully help the hematoma to heal and the bleeding to slow down (I have been on partial bed rest for weeks due to the severe nausea and the spotting).

Thankfully, I already had my next appointment scheduled with my regular OB for Tuesday, so I will be seeing him soon and will get more information and answers.  I will also probably have more ultrasounds until they both subside to keep an eye on the bleed and to see if my placenta moves up where it should be.  I am very lucky that this happened on a weekend when Geoff could be home so I could get true bed rest.  Im hoping after two days of only getting up a few times the bleeding will slow down and can go back to partial bed rest on Monday, when I have to get the girls ready and home from school everyday.

The good news, we got to see the baby getting bigger and actually looking like a baby!!!

We will try our best to keep you all up to date on everything, and in the meantime, we always appreciate the prayers!

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  1. I WISH I was there to help you out!! I know there are still some awesome gals there who will though. You guys have been in my prayers ever since you told me :) Glad to hear an update and will continue praying.


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